Dreux Blog

 This is intended to be a blog which is an inter-action between post and comments. The classic blog was a webmaster making posts and people making comments on that post. The blogs we are trying for is more a conversation between people. Someone say something (posts) and others reply (comment). It is not necessary that everyone be involved as long as you are talking about Dreux and the times there or, come to think about it, anything that would interest any of us that were there. There can be different conversations going on. I posted the first post and today realized if you look at the comment block in the lower left corner is a reply icon. This takes you directly to the reply form and when you are done, posts the reply right back to the original comment. While we ask for an email address to post a message, the email address will not show on the website. You do not need to enter a URL unless you have a website.

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