Instructions for obtaining a birth certificate for Dreux AB birth

Requesting a Birth Certificate for those born at Dreux Air Base, France

Many thanks to our friend Alain Wojcik for getting the information for us.

I’ve included the French, with the translation. When communicating with the Maillebois City Hall, I would suggest using both French and English to avoid confusion.
Tous le enfants américains nés sur la base de Dreux sont inscrits à la mairie de 28 Dampierre sur Blévy. Maintenant elle est regroupée avec la mairie de 28 Maillebois .
All American children born on the base of Dreux were registered with the town hall of 28 Dampierre sur Blévy. This has now been moved to the town hall of 28 Maillebois.
Pour demander un ou plusieurs exemplaires selon ses besoins : extrait d’acte de naissance , il faut écrire à :
Mairie Maillebois 28170
Service état civil
2, place Jean-Baptiste-Desmarets
28170 Maillebois, France
To request one or more copies as needed of the extract of birth certificate (extrait d’acte de naissance), write to:
City Hall, Maillebois 28170
Civil status service
2, place Jean-Baptiste-Desmarets
28170 Maillebois
Il faut donner les informations suivantes / You need to give the following information:
Monsieur ou Madame selon le cas / Mr or Mrs, as appropriate
Son nom de naissance (nom de naissance de jeune fille pour les dames) / his or her birth name (maiden name for ladies)
Son ou ses prénoms / his/her first & middle names
Sa date de naissance : jour/mois /année / his/her date of birth in the format DAY/MONTH/YEAR, (example 10/04/1952)
Pays de naissance : France / Country of birth: France
Commune de naissance : 28 Dampierre sur Blévy / Community of Birth: 28 Dampierre sur Blévy
Nom du père / Name of Father
Son ou ses prénoms / His first and middle names
Si le père n’est pas connu mettre : De père inconnu / If the father is unknown put: De père inconnu
Nom de naissance de jeune fille de la mère / Maiden name of the mother
Son ou ses prénoms / her first and middle names
Si la mère n’est pas connu mettre : De mère inconnue / If the mother is unknown put: De mère inconnue

Le document est gratuit / The document is free of charge
Pour la réponse , joindre une enveloppe avec son adresse aux USA . / For the response, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your USA address
(Pour envoyer une lettre de la France vers les USA , c’est 1,30 euros ), / To send a letter from France to the USA, postage is 1.30 Euros
Pour être tranquille mettre sur l’enveloppe jointe ,un timbre de 2 dollars ,/ To make sure put on 2 dollars of postage (note: as this was researched a few years ago, it’s probably a good idea to put on a little bit more postage now)
La secrétaire m’a confirmé que dans ce cas , les timbres US sont acceptés par la poste française, / Alain confirmed with the secretary that US Stamps are accepted by the French Post Office.
C’est bien de mettre son adresse us et son mail sur la lettre de la demande. En cas de problème , la mairie peut contacter la personne, / It’s a good idea to include your email with the requesting letter, so, if there’s a problem, the town hall can contact you.
e-mail de la mairie de Maillebois : / The email for the town hall of maillebois is

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3 thoughts on “Instructions for obtaining a birth certificate for Dreux AB birth

  1. Hello,

    My name is Alexandra Wuori, and I work as an assistant to the director at Travis Air Force Base Aviation Museum; for reference, Travis Air Force Base is the current home of the 60th Air Mobility Wing, the successor unit to the 60th Troop Carrier Wing that was stationed at Dreux Air base from 1955 to 1958.

    I’m using the comment field on this post to contact you as I was unable to find an e-mail or other contact information listed on this website that I could use to message the owners of this website directly. I apologize if there is contact information listed on this website somewhere that I didn’t notice.

    That being said, I was hoping that I could be provided with an e-mail or other contact information belonging to the owners of this website, so that I could discuss with them about potentially acquiring original photographs or other historical artifacts from the 60th’s time at Dreux Air Base.

    Please feel free to either respond to this comment or to simply e-mail me directly at the gmail address I provided along with this comment.

    Thank you all very much.