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Welcome to the Dreux blog. This a site for people who served, worked at, were with their parents  at, attended school at, or were just local residents who had friends on the base. It is meant to be inclusive and cover all the people and units who were at Dreux. It is not the only site about Dreux and the other sites that we know about have links below. Even if you regularly visit other Dreux related sites, we’d love to have you as a regular on our site and share your pictures and stories with all our viewers. Dreux started as an idea in the early fifties and ended as a US operation in 1967. It had five major phases, first a construction project with the 821st Engineers laying out the base and overseeing the construction, second a operating air base with flying squadrons assigned, first with the 60th Troop Carrier Wing moving down from Rhein Main with C-119’s soon to be joined by 309th Troop Carrier Group flying C-123’s, and third once again a flying base with the Alabama National Guard recon squadron during the last Berlin crisis, fourth a  dispersed operating base with non flying Units such as Defense Area Communications Control Center – Europe (DACCC/Eur), 246th Communications Squadron, 2d Mobile Comm Group supporting USAFE, and fifth an abandoned base rotting in the sun and rain..

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Here is another Site where Dreux pictures can be found.They had their collection stored at Dreux from 1991to 2005.

Association Francaise des Collectionneurs Vechicules Militaires