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This is a website for people who lived or worked at Dreux Air Base while it was active – approximately 1951 to 1967, or are just interested in the base and its history.  Few people today remember the extensive presence of US and NATO forces in France at this time. Units assigned to the base began with the 821st Engineer Battalion which was responsible for initial construction and extended through the 7305th Combat Support Group which was responsible for keeping the base operating in its later years. During the flying years it had both C-119’s and C-123’s assigned. Over the years there were also quite a few non-flying units assigned to Dreux, such as the 246th Signal Battalion (Army), the 2nd Mobile Comm Group (Air Force), and the Dreux American High School.  Dreux American High School Alumni are still very active and we have a link to their site on our home page. This site is the brainchild of Charles Sibert,  and was mostly constructed by the late Bill McLeod. We welcome comments and photos.  There are still quite a few of us out there that have wonderful memories of our time in France and Dreux Air Base!



Bill McLeod After Basicbmaccolor

The late Bill McLeod wrote the following bio during the time he was building the site in the early 2000’s:  A/2c Billie R McLeod, Denver Colorado. After I was discharged when the 10th and 11th were closed, I managed to stay out for almost 6 months before Kennedy decided he couldn’t do without me. On recall I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma to the 388th Periodic Maintenance Squadron. During the Berlin Crisis of 61-62 we flew C97’s from Travis AFB to Saigon, while the active duty units stood by another airlift. I make A/1c and by August of  62 was released. I started college again until my dad’s gas station got in trouble and I quit to help him. Another year later the I was married with a kid on the way and the station was sold. I went to work for Sundstrand as machine operator. While there I obtained my A and P license from the FAA and when a job opened up at Frontier Airlines I took it. While at Frontier I went to CU and got my BS E.E. and moved up to engineering. Twenty three years later when they went bankrupt I moved over to United Airlines in Chicago, It took  me three years to get back to Denver. I retired in 2001. Been doing family things ever since.



chuck Sibert 1957 USAF basic Lackland AFB Texas

Charles Sibert is my name and I live in Nabb, Indiana with my wife, Lisa and Bucko, our husky / shepherd dog. It’s farm land all around us and peace and quiet abounds. What a wonderful place to live out one’s final years.
My USAF days were special for me at Incirlik Air Base Adana, Turkey and my COT tour at Dreux Air Base, France. <Consecutive Overseas Tour> My basic was done at Lackland AFB, Texas and Sheppard AFB, Texas Aug ‘ 57 to Feb ‘ 58. When I was at Sheppard we did basic along with A&E tech schooling.
I left Dreux Air Base, France 1 Apr 61 and was discharged at McGuire AFB, New Jersey 4 Apr 61. Home in Louisville, Ky that Sept ‘ 61 I went to work for a new Volkswagon dealer in town as a Service Tech. I Retired from that line of work in Oct 1993.
My Dreux Air Base story is on this web-site and you can read about my Incirlik Air Base story at  merhabaturkey.com
has been so good to me and I just want to give him Praise, Honor, & Glory !!

Charles L Sibert Jr        “AKA Chuck and Charlie”