Dreux Air Base Maps and Sketches

Dreux Base Maps
Dreux Maps – Map Key,Dreux Maps – Main Base
Dreux Maps – Central Area,Dreux Maps – Elementary School Area
Dreux Maps – Hospital Area,Dreux Maps – Main Gate Area
Dreux Maps – NCO Trailers Area,Dreux Maps – Officers Trailers Area
Dreux Maps – Marguerite 4 Area,Dreux Maps – Marguerite 6 Area
Dreux Maps – Runway East End Area,Dreux Maps – Runway West End Area
Dreux Maps – Building Numbers,
These Maps are by Doug Donnell. He made them using google maps and put the name on an overlay to make them easy to change and to create new ones when we have more information. His email is on the maps. Send him your information. It is easy to see that the use of the buildings changed with the purpose of the base.
Off Base Housing Area Maps
Chateauneuf Locator Map, Chateauneuf Housing Street Map, Chateauneuf Ground Level View
Dreux Locator Map, Dreux Housing Street Map, Dreux Ground Level View
Senonches Locator Map, Senonches Housing Street Map, Senonches Ground Level View
La Loupe Locator Map, La Loupe Street Map, La Loupe Ground Level View
Misc Maps
Officer Trailer Park Layout, NATO Bases in France

NCO Trailer Park

Dreux Air Base Map May 1960 (From Bill Kaufmann’ s phone book -reworked by Bill Mc
Dreux Air Base Map October 1968 ( From our friends at AFCVM)

Service Club Sketch
Trailer Layout Sketch