Defense Area Communications Control Center – Europe



Col George A. Zahn,USAF,Chief of DACCC-Eur ,DACC,

Lt Col E.R. Daniels,USMC,Deputy Chief ,DACC,

Cdr J.E. Butler, USN,Operations Officer ,DACC,

Lt Col Robert W. Stowbridge,USA,Chief Plans and Engineering Division ,DACC,

Mr. Aubrey A. Childers, DoD Civ,Chief Communications Engineer ,DACC,

Lt Col Charles R. Rambo,USA,Chief Plans and Engineering following Lt Col Stowbridge ,DACC,

Lt Col Thomas M. Holimon ,USA,Chief Plans Branch ,DACC,

Lt Col Carroll H. Donnell,USAF,Chief Control Division,DACC,

Lt Col Alfred M. Carter,USAF, Chief Control Branch ,DACC,

YNCM H.H. Boyden, USN ,,DACC,

YN1 H.M. Smith, USN ,,DACC,

MSGT D.L. Matson, USA ,,DACC,

SSGT J.R. Heimbach, USA ,,DACC,

SSGT L.R.E. Hersey, USA ,,DACC,

SSGT D.E. Hoskins, USA ,,DACC,

SFC C.J. Clark, USA ,,DACC,

SFC R.B. Walters, USA ,,DACC,

RMCM R.S. Burham, USN ,,DACC,

RM1 G.W. Kerber, USN ,,DACC,

RM1 R.D. Witt, USN ,,DACC,

MA1 J.W. Stutzman, USN ,,DACC,

RM1 R.D. Young, USN ,,DACC,

RM2 P.W. Savage, USN ,,DACC,



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