Riding the School Bus by Sherry Watson Nelson

One of my fondest memories of life at Dreux Air Base as an 8 and 9 year old was the daily ride to school on the Blue Bird Bus.  We lived in the second loop of the NCO trailer park, and would board the bus each morning at the corner on the perimeter road.  It was a rather large group of kids at that particular stop.  Each day we looked forward to this trip because of our very special bus driver.  I never knew his name, but he had two stripes on his jumpsuit-style green uniform and always wore a smile  Us kids would clamor up the steps to grab the seats nearest to the driver as he loved to sing and didn't hold back!  We loved it.  He had a little transistor radio that he kept on the dashboard.  The volume was turned up to maximum as he belted out all the latest rock and roll songs from America - in English!  I  could never figure out how his little radio could receive the English versions while ours in the trailer could only get French...  Anyway, he taught us all the words to the latest songs - and how we loved it!  He had us singing songs like Itsy Bitsie Teeny Weeny Yellow Polkadot Bikini and Lipstick on Your Collar all the way to school.  When we arrived at our destination none of us wanted to get out as we were having so much fun with our singing bus driver.  Do any other readers share this special memory?  I wonder if he ever knew how much he meant to all of us?  Better yet - could he be reading this now?  If he is, I hope he will respond on the blog!

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