Two Wet Ends
by Charles Sibert circa 1960

What a lovely day for a Moped ride around the French country side not far from Dreux Air Base. August 1960 was just a perfect month at the base. Yes, we had some rain storms a few days, of course.

With two days off work from transient alert I had breakfast at the mess hall and headed out the front gate to get some fuel for the Moped.

Sibert and Moped

Not far from the turn off south (D-939) to Maillebois there was a farmer who sold mixed fuel to be used in Mopeds. I went up his gravelj drive to his barn and purchased a full tank of mixed fuel from him.

Thanking him I left and went thru Maillebois and headed on toward Chateauneuf. In the town of Chateauneuf I turned to the left after a short distance and drove on out to the very small villiage of Bigeonnette where the two French gals from Paris were staying that summer.

With Caroline mounted behind me sitting on GI blankets folded and tied down over the luggage rack away we went. The sun was out brightly but soon here came the rain clouds. Caroline said the rain was to come later in the day so we rode on.

At a lovely apple orchard we stopped and helped ourselves to a few beautiful green colored apples. Boy did they ever taste good. After a short break we started out again for somewhere. To me it looked like the rain was about on us. Then we felt some sprinkles and looked for some shelter. All there was around us was large piles of loose hay.

French Haystack

I drove thru a hay field near the paved roadway, parked and scooped out a cave like area in a large hay pile for us. Just as I placed the GI blankets in the cave here comes a hard rain. We just huddled close and tried to keep dry under the blankets. Hay piles can hold off a rain storm for just so long. Now we were getting somewhat wet and cold. Seems water had soaked our rear ends. We were dripping. 

 After being sheltered in that hay pile, like 45 minutes, the hard rain stopped and a little sun came out. With two very wet rear ends upon a very wet Moped we called off the rest of our ride and headed back to the house in Biegonnette.
We dried off at the house and Arlette had a laugh looking at our two wet rear ends.