Steam Plant

Keeping Warm at Dreux
By Charles Sibert

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Plant Instructions
Building the Plant
The Circle is probably the base for one of the fuel tanks.

As all who were stationed at Dreux Air Base might know, the base had hot water steam heating plants that were built in 1951-1954. The buildings had radiators that gave off heat from hot water pumped to them from the steam heating plants. The trailers did not have this feature.

Some of the Belgian Quonset huts may have been converted & heated by this method I donít know but some still used oil heaters. Some of the base buildings had electrical radiant heat as the base gym & some warehouses did.

There was a steam heating plant located on the main base as well as marguerite # 4 & marguerite # 6. I never saw the heating plant on marguerite # 4 but I knew the main base plant & the one at marguerite # 6.

The heating plant construction company, Chauffage Sulzer, was located in Paris at 7 Avenue de la Republique. The phone number was OberKampf 35-25-A 27.

Note the Radiators
Chauffage Sulzer

I recall my upstairs bay ( overlooking the football field south goal post ) as being very hot & having to turn down the hot water valves & open some of the windows in the winter months. I recall the shower hot water to be very hot.

I hope all who read this will add their thoughts on the blog. Just what do you remember about the Dreux Air Base heating systems ? Did all of the steam heated buildings work as well as my barracks building number 168 did ? 

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