The Dreux Airbase France Afex Cafeteria--Snack Bar
By A/C Sibert

I was stationed at Dreux Air Base France from Jan 11th 1960 till April 1st 1961. I was supposed to rotate state side on August 19 1961. Due to all flying squadrons being pulled out we maintenance folks were not needed after the C-119’s left the base in Jan, Feb & March 1961.  I was shortened in my stay at the base.
     Now back to the snack bar. Me being assigned to work in the Transient Alert section of Aircraft Maintenance I was on duty 24 hrs & off duty 48 hrs. This was the same hours I had worked while stationed at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey before coming to Dreux Air Base.
     I seemed to be one hungry Airman due to the fact I ate at the mess hall four times a day when I was on the base. I even got called into Capt Cottle’s office one time about this.
He asked me why is this happing so much ? My reply was I was helping out some of the other young Airmen on the alert crew. The Capt laughed at this & said to hold it down because his boss had questioned him about this.
     Now because I was halting some of my trips to the mess hall I would eat at the Snack Bar. I really did not like this because I couldn’t go back for seconds. (Boo)
In February 1960 I met a Tech Sgt’s step daughter at the Snack Bar and sometimes she would be there when I was there.  I must say the milk shakes were very good along with burgers & fries. This was costly and a few days every now and then I was invited to her trailer for a meal. Seems we were a thing for a couple of months.
     After I purchased a Moped sometime around June 1960 and had places to visit off base my days at the Snack Bar were fewer for me. Now when the weather changed and it became cooler later in the year, I spent more time at the snack bar. Then I was on the base basketball team later that year so that took away my normal Snack Bar time.
     After the basketball season concluded in January 1961 I had more time to visit the Snack Bar. Me and some other Airmen would meet up with some of the high school girls after school. Seems this kept me away from the mess hall a few days a week. Toward the last days of my Dreux Air Base tour the mess hall would pass out left over C-rations instead of regular meals. This was due to two things, rations were getting older and there were less Airmen to feed on base. So I’d turn around and visit the Snack Bar.
     I guess I just liked to visit with the school gals much better at the Snack Bar, than visit with the older French clean-up lady who worked at the mess hall. Just think, had the base remained open there may have been other stories about this Snack Bar. I must say, the Dreux Air Base Snack Bar was a good time for me.

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