Where Did This C-130 End Up?

Where Did This C-130 End Up?
By Charles Sibert

If you look in my pictures album on this site you’ll see C130A # 56-0532 on the parking apron, in front of the Dreux AB main hanger (#1). This C-130A is taking on JP-4 fuel flowing out of an USAF F-7 POL tanker truck from the Base POL section. This C-130A was stationed at Evreux Air Base, France. This would be Dreux’s sister base and Headquarters for the 322 Air Division, Combat Cargo, Wing. This C-130A was a beautiful sight, red tail and all, just parked and waiting for me to snap its picture. Well, that’s exactly what I did that summer day in 1960 not knowing that later on in Feb 1961 I would be on this aircraft coming back to Chateauuroux Air Base, France from Incirlik Air Base, Turkey.

I had no idea that I had a picture of this C-130A # 56-0532 in my photo album at home, until Bill McLeod and I began putting together this web-site early this year. (2013) If you read my Dreux Air Base story (in the memories post) you’ll find out just what happened to this beautiful Lockheed C-130A. This C-130A # 56-0532 was built at the Lockheed plant in Marietta, Georgia in 1956. Six squadrons of C-130A’s were delivered to the 322 Air Division, Combat Cargo, in France and this aircraft was one of them.

OK, now read my story and send a blog to the site, letting me know if you are the airman from POL, who brought the fuel truck for this C-130A. Could be you’re not this Airman but you might recall just who this Airman was, for we didn’t refuel very many C-130A’s at Dreux Air Base while I was stationed there. Also, we would like very much to hear from someone who was in the POL section at Dreux Air Base, France. look each day on the site, for your blog letting me know about the POL section at Dreux Air Base, France 1955 to 1966. Have a great read and don’t forget to send to us your pictures of your time at Dreux Air Base, France.

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