French Road Joins NATO

Sometime in 1950 during the Korean War, NATO with the French & Americans, decided to build an air base near the french village of Dampierre-sur-Blevy, some 27 ks west of Dreux city.

Farm land was selected between road d-30 on the west & d-939 on the east. These roads ran somewhat north to south. Road d-20 ran east to west on the base south side. Coming off road d-20 at Dampierre-sur-Blevy and going northward was road d-315.1 which ran on thru the new base property. 

On the north side of the base, outside the perimeter road, road D-315.1 would continue on northward past La Franconniere road & stopping at east / west road D-315, Rue du Moulin. Going west here would connect with road D-30 & going east would connect with road D-939.

Work began in 1951. Road d-315.1 would stop at the base front gate and become the main entrance road. The portion of road d-315.1 that fell inside the base perimeter roads would cease to be used as before. On the north side of the base, outside the perimeter road, road D-315.1 would continue on northward past La Franconniere road And stopping at east / west road d-315, Rue du Moulin. Going west here connects with road d-30 & going east connects with road D-939.

From the front gate northward the road d-315.1 would become the base road named Montana and stop at the rear of the main base hanger. The old road bed can be seen behind the eastward PE maint building heading northward and going on past marguerite # 5 to the perimeter fence on some google maps. In the old farm pictures sent to us by Pierre Callac one can see a portion of the old road near the farm buildings before the base came. At the rear base perimeter road outside junction with road D-315.1 near marguerite # 5, the perimeter road is now bridged and open to farmers. Farmers now can pasture their goats and cut and bale the hay found along the old Dreux air base runways. There seems to be a new building erected somewhat near to marguerite # 6 for hay storage, ect. This could be a replacement for the old base gym used for hay storage, now gone.

There are buildings still standing near marguerite # 6 but in terrible condition. Really, these are whats left of our old Dreux air base. From 1955 onward, to the base closing in 1967, Dreux air base was a terrific experience for many USAF airmen and families. Lets not forget the 821st engineers and all the supporting casts that built the base called Dreux, up out of a mud hole. Well never forget Dreux air base.

Route 315.1 ran from Dampierre to Crucey and then North

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