Summer Time Fun
by A/2C Sibert from 1960

Summertime Fun

It was the first week end of August 1960 and I was living on the Dreux Air Base in France sixty miles south of Paris. My job in the USAF at that time was in transcient alert. I was on duty 24 hours and then off for 48 hours. This week end I was off on Saturday and Sunday. I rode my moped out the base front gate and turned left on to D-20 and after a short distance turned right on to D-939 heading towards Chateauneuf. Once in Chateauneuf I turned to the left and headed towards Bigeonnette where the two gals from Paris were staying for the summer.

When I arrived at the house where the gals stayed that summer there was a car parked in the driveway. The mother, father and brother of Arlette were going to stay there for the weekend. After a short visit with them Caroline and I headed out on my moped. I had told her I would be out on Saturday to pick her up for a ride. She wanted to know where we were going. I told her we would find a wooded area and sunbathe for a few hours.

We found a lovely spot in the forest behind Susie's bar on the D-140 road toward Senonches. There was a small clearing surrounded by tall trees where the sun was coming thru. This would be a swell place to catch some rays. The moped parked we put down our GI blankets and hung up our clothes on the tree limbs. She had on just her scanty little drawers and all I had on was my BVD briefs. I was prepared with a small transistor radio, something to drink, towels, a few apples, cheese and bread. I had also brought along some suntan lotion.
The lotion was applied to both of us and we stretched out to get us a tan.

Caroline found a radio music station and we laughed and talked away a good hour and a half. Of course we turned to get the sun all over us. We had just finished a snack when we both were startled by a noise some seventy five feet away from us.

Shortly here came two hunters toward us with their dog stopping some thirty feet away from us. The dog wagged his tail and the hunters placed their shot guns on their shoulders and just stared at us. I asked Caroline what will we do? When a few moments had passed she slipped on her shoes, stood up and walked toward them with just what she had on plus her beautiful smile.

After a fifteen minute visit and talk with them she returned and sat down with me. The hunters and their dog departed with a hand wave, and that's when I asked what they had said to her. She told them what we were up to and they laughted and wished us well telling her she looked very lovely. She said they also told her that she was with a handsome young man. <Smile>

There you have it, you never know who's got their eyes on you. She was not the least bit upset as I was and we returned to our sun bathing. I never did ask her if she told Arlette and the parents about our encounter. All in all it was a great day not too far from Dreux Air Base in the summer of 1960.

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