By A2C Sibert

Caroline and Arlette

It was just a lovely 15th day of July 1960 in Bigeonnette, France when I parked my Moped in the driveway of the summer house where the two French Gals from Paris were staying. I visited with the gals for awhile and then I invited Caroline to go with me to the Dreux city Moped dealer to make a payment on my Moped.

Summer House Bigeonette

She would ride on a GI blanket folded and secured over the rear luggage carrier and saddle bags. We had done this many times before on our numerous rides to and thru the towns around the Dreux Air Base area. I think we both had our feet on the pedals somewhat.
It was somewhere around 35 K's to Dreux city from Bigeonnette the way we went. We hung a right, coming north up the hill from Maillebois, onto road D-20 soon passing by Blevy and then Crecy Couve and at about 35 miles an hour we motored on toward Dreux City. What a beautiful day and not too warm with the breeze blowing thru our hair, just laughing and enjoying the trip. Sun glasses kept the bugs and glare from our eyes on the journey.

Dreux Area Road Map

I recall only a few French autos passing us before we saw the outskirts of Dreux city. As I had been to the Moped dealer before when I took over the payments from A/3C Kenneth Priddy, in just a few minutes we pulled up in front of the dealers address.
     No sooner had we dismounted and I had placed the Moped on its kick stand here comes a local Dreux city Gendarme informing Caroline she could not double up ride on a Moped. Caroline was very polite and thanked the officer telling him she wouldn't do it again.

Receipt for Mobylette Payment

The officer walked away and I asked Caroline just how we're going to get back to the house. She said the hell with him and to pick her up on the next street over and away we would go. She started to walk over to the next street as I went into the Moped dealer to make my payment.
     My transaction completed and the moped started I made my way to the next street over to get her. With her seated behind me we motored out to the highway leading us back toward Bigeonnette. Of course we had a few laughs on our return trip and she also spoke a few choice French cuss words directed toward the Gendarme.

Chateauneuf Swim Pool

The return trip was uneventful and a very good ride. When we got to the house in Bigeonnette she couldn't wait to tell Arlette about her encounter with the Dreux city Gendarme. After some laughter about our trip and with nightfall approaching, a few hours later I headed back to the base to get some chow. The next day I was off duty and I told the Gals I would come out and we would all go to the Chateauneuf Olympic size swim pool around noon. That may have been the day I split my green, black, & white swim trunks diving from the platform. Well, that's another story.

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