Dreux Today

Dreux Today

Note: this is pretty rough but I wanted to get it up.

If you have been reading the blog you have noticed that we are getting information from our new friend Patrick Rouby who lives near the base. He finally managed to get on the base. and he sent us these pictures. I am including the text from his email. We are hoping to have more pictures coming as he says he has 200 of them. I have no idea where on the base these pictures were taken so that information will come later.  Remember to click on pictures to see full screen size. Click again for even larger view.

LEs photos sont du 17/06/2015 

Hello, it has been 5 years since I live is 3 kilometers of the base(basis), but it is the first time since there is a solar energy which we were able to bring in there.
WE were on zone: " exchange bases " see photo of the name: ENTERED JPG the center because after all is wire netting and we cannot have a walk any more.
There is no more a single building(ship) everything was destroyed or is at the moment being destroyed and put there gravat to see photo20150617_162225.jpg.

I have approximately 200 photos, on the other hand as there is a wire netting it is very difficult to approach the track(runway) but just for your information he(it) planes serviceman has 4 in the daytime there AIRBUS A400 settled(arose) arrétés on the base(basis) and on the margueritte n°6, the track(runway) is good etat spirit and planes of the army settle(arise) regularly or make " TOUCH and GO.
There is l farmer

There is l farmer who occuppe of the base(basis) which prevents us from returning on the highly-rated " ENTERED PIECE OF NEWS(SHORT STORY) " and it is of this place that we can photograph planes.

However information the only buildings(ships) he(it) stays are the ones of " MARGUERITE 6 " and the new building(ship) to see photo 20150617_162940.jpg

La photo 20150617_162425 est l'acces a la piste mais c'est 

pour information vous pouvez utiliser les photos et les mettres sur le blog je vous donne l'autorisation sans problemes

Cordialement Patrick

Front Gate

New North Side Entrance
(blocked by farmer?)