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Sibert Aug 1957 a week before USAF service at home in Lou Ky
1957  USAF basic Lackland AFB Texas (2)
C L Sibert Sr USAAF WW II Pacific Duty 1943
USAF Shoe Brush 1957
A2C Sibert's Shoe Trees bought at Sheppard AFB Sept 1957
Tech School Sheppard AFB Feb 1958 A3C Sibert Lower Left
AB Sibert Shepperd AFB Airmens Club Oct 1957
American Spirit Honor Medal for A3C Sibert 18 Dec 57 USAF
Sibert Final Exam at Sheppard AFB Eng Runup on AT6 Texan Feb 1958
Carbine Scoreboard Lackland AFB Sept 9 1957
Training Certificate for A3C Sibert 11 Feb 58 USAF
Air Show at Dreux AB France Sept 1957
Boarding Pass Tripoli to Charleston SC 4 Oct 1959
Boarding Pass Charleston AFB SC to Tripoli 2 Nov 1959
Wiesbaden Germany downtown  April 1959
Izmir AB Ops Turkey April 1959
Clothing Certificate for Overseas Processing 1958
A2C Sibert last work day at Incirlik AB Jan 1960
A2C Sibert Jan 11 1960 last day at Incirlik
COT assignment from Incirlik AB to Dreux AB
sibert (9)
Snack Bar Dreux AB 1961 Manager
a Dreux AB A2C Sibert at main gate entrance sign March 1961
a Brezolles Village near Dreux AB (2)
A2C Bill McLeod Dreux AB 59 to 61
A2C Birdsong Dreux AB 1960
T33 jet Dreux AB 1960 base ops in rear
A2C Sibert Dreux AB 1960 Alert office door
A3c Kenneth Priddy Dreux AB Alert Crew  1960
Follow me truck of A2C Sibert Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert Refueling T33 Jet Dreux AB July 1960
A2C Sibert Refuels T 33 Jet at Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert refueling T33 jet Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert Dreux AB Aug 1960 Windy Day
Dreux AB A2C Sibert moped at wash rack 24 runway end 1960
Table Knife from Dreux NCO club 1960 1961
Wiesbaden Hospital USAF 1959
Travel Agency Card 1960
U S and French flags Dreux AB 1960
Village on way to Evreux France
Where is Damville France 1960
Approxumate Equivalents at Dreux AB 1960
Weapons Card Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert on barracks railing Dreux AB France 1960
A2C Sibert as Frenchman Dreux AB NCO Club in Rear1960
A2C Sibert Across From Susies Bar Chateauneuf 1960
A2C Sibert at Chateauneuf France 1960 USAF
A2C Sibert Dreux Air Base 1960
11th TCS Hanger at Margarette 3
1960 Dreux AB France C-119Gs on flight line
A2C Sibert Swim Lake Near Dreux AB 1960
Lake near Dreux AB where we swam 1960
Senonches Swim Lake near Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert gets dunked at swim lake near Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert and A1C no name Swim Lake Near Base 1960
A2C Sibert Lunch With French Gal in Paris Sept 1960
A2C Sibert got a hair cut at the base what was building 152 at rear 1960
A2C Sibert Calendar 1960 While at Dreux AB
A2C Sibert Near Dreux AB 1960
Susies Husband at Her Bar in Chateauneuf 1960
Suzies Bar Chateauneuf 10 ks from Dreux AB 1960
Chateauneuf 1960 Susie in door of her Bar
A2C Sibert Susies bar Chateauneuf FR 1960
A2C Sibert near Chateauneuf France 1960
A2C Sibert Paris France 1960 USAF
A2C Sibert relaxing at Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert road signs in Dampierre near base 1960
A2C Sibert Used French Phrase book 1960
A2C Sibert's barracks Latrine Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert's Dreux A B France 1960 Basketball Warm up Jersey (2)
A2C Sibert's fatigue shirt still starched and pressed as when picked up at Dreux AB laundry March 1961
A3C Ken Priddy on left and 2 Airmen Dreux AB 1960
A3C Kenneth Priddy Paris 1960
A3C No Name Snack Bar Sidewalk Dreux AB 1960
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for A2C Sibert July 1960
Alex Bar Card Athens Feb 1961
An A2C upstairs steps my barracks 1960 NCO club in rear
Arlette From Paris in Bigeonnette near Chateauneuf 1960
Arlettes Mom on Moped with Caroline in Bigeonnette 1960
Chateauneuf Parc des Sport Piscine Swim pool  A2C Sibert Arlette and Caroline Aug 1960
Bank of America at far left Dreux AB 1960 1961
Bar girl De De bar chateauneuf 1960
Bar girl on Birdsongs car Open Gate Bar 1960
Open Gate Bar Dreux AB Hoppy's Sport Car 1960
Bar Girl Petit Auberge 60 61 Maillebois France
Airman from Dreux AB with Arlette near Chateauneuf 1960
Airmen in my bay packing to leave Dreux AB Jim Myers on right March 1961
Basketball Officials That worked Dreux AB Games 1960
Auberge de Maillebois on left 1960
Base ops airmen red olds 88 Dreux AB 1960
C 130  Refuels at Dreux AB 1960
Birdsong Dreux AB 1960
Power Sub Station - Dreux AB Ops Fire Station Softball field is on Left 1960
base movie dreux 1960
C-119s from my bay window Dreux AB 1960
C-135A Stratolifter U S Air Force
c-119g at dreux air base 1960
Charlie Siberts 1st car after USAF servive 1961
Dollars to French Francs card from Dreux AB Library 1960 1961
Cock pit of Dreux C119 1960 Dreux AB
Dreux AB Airman and French Gals Chateauneuf Pool 1960
Dreux AB 12th TCS Patch
Dreux AB  numbered French roads around the base
Dreux AB C-119G Cock Pit Area in a 1960 Flight
Dreux AB Airmen Do you recall him 1960
Dreux AB France football field 1960
A Shot Across Old Football Field to a Base Electrical Substation Aug 1987
Dreux AB Baseball field Officers Trailers in rear 1960
Dreux AB Commander June 1960 Parade In ' 57 Chevy
Dreux Air  Base 1960 parade for Gen LeMay
Parade crowd leaves viewing area Dreux AB June 1960
Dreux AB Main Mess Hall Entrance A2C Sibert 1960
Dreux Air Base 1960 base exchange
Dreux Air Base headquarters 59-61
Dreux Air Base France 1961 fatigue shirt patch
Tsgt Harvey Russell Campbell Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert meal from Sue Brown Dreux AB Feb 1960
Dreux AB High School students snack bar Sept 1960
dreux student Karen Crabtree 1960-1961
High School Students Dreux AB 1960
Snack Bar Dreux AB A2C Sibert Talks With High School Gal Feb 1961
Dreux Hotel Information Card Aug 1987
DSC00029 (2)_DxO
Ernest La Flore Dreux AB 1960
Dreux orders to go to Laon for basketball 1960
Folding Map of Paris France Carried by A2C Sibert 1960
France Road Signs
French at Suzies Bar in 1949 Ford Chateauneuf 1960
French Farm House Near Senonches France 1960
French Girl near Senonches Summer 1960
French Library worker In Library window Dreux AB 1960
Summer House Bigeonnette France 1960
French Gal in Biegonnette A2C Sibert's Moped 1960
French Gals from Paris Arlette left and Caroline right in Senonches 1960
Arlette's Address from Her 1960-001
Picture Taken Here in 1960 of the 14 Yr old Girl Now Aug 1987
Really She's Only 14 at Her House in Bigeonnette 1960
Grocery receipt Paris 1987
Leave Orders 13 Feb 61 at Dreux AB
Just Outside Dreux AB A2C Sibert at Road Sign 1960
Library Info Card 1960
Letter from Paris Aug 4 1960
Littre Hotel Paris France Card 1961
Local French Gal at Petit Auberge Bar in Maillebois 1960
Paris, France Street Scenery 1960
LT Jimmy L Skelton Dreux basketball coach 60 61 hand on chin
Maillebois FR Gangster looking car 1960
Margarette 2 10th TCS Hanger
main gate sign
Lady and her radio Chateauneuf France 1960
Metro Tickets Used in Paris France 1987
Moped License Dreux AB July 1960
Monument Right to Enter and Subway Tickets Paris 1960
Moped Receipt Dreux 1960
Notre Dame Paris Sept 1960
Morley Studios Envelope 1961 McGuire AFB
Old Church near Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert Says Hello French Lady Maillebois 1960
Petit Auberge bar girl Maillebois 1960
Petit Auberge Bar Maillebois Near Dreux AB 1960
A2C Sibert on left A2C Birdsong and Petit Auberge Bar Owner 1960
Another girl at Petit Auberge  Maillebois 1960
A2C Sibert Turned In His Restricted Area Pass March 1961
Paris France Map From Hotel Littre 1960
Paris Train Schedule 1960
sibert (12)
Orly USAF base April 1 1961
Jamboree Bar on Rue Littre Mar 31 1961
A2C Sibert Paris France Mar 31 1960
Mats Boarding Pass C-118A Paris 1961
Birdsong and Archer McGuire AFB 3 Apr 61
Paris France A2C Sibert Sat 1 Apr 61
RF 84G Dreux Air Base France 106 TFW 1962
Old Theater Dreux AB 1960 Dependant girl
Orly Air Base Paris France Apr 1 1961
Plane for McGuire AFB Apr 1 1961 Orly AB Paris
Senonches cemetery France 1960
Senonches Cemetery Caroline's Father's Grave Aug 1987
Service Card USAF Front Side
Service Card USAF Back Side
sibert (11)
sibert (10)
sibert (3)
sibert (5)
Sibert Ticket to Alanta Ga from Paris France Sept 1987
Sibert house in Nabb Indiana
Sibert's Dreux Air Base Hat
Ssgt taken near Dreux AB 1960 no name
Ink Spots autographs Dreux AB France 1960
Ssgt Willie Byrd Incirlik AB Adana Turkey Feb 1961
SSGT Willie Byrd Dreux Air Base 1961
Susie's bar tab  Dreux Air Base 1960
Susie's husband Chateauneuf France 1960
Susies Husband Parked His Flat Top Car Here in 1960 Photo Aug 1987
Susie's bar girls Chateauneuf 1960
Susie at her bar in Chateauneuf 1960
Susies bar girl chateauneuf 1960
Subway Map Paris France 1960
sibert (13)
The Arc De Triomphe Paris France 1960
x1 2-12-2009_015
x3 12-12-2009_040
A2C Sibert Dreux AB Trailer Park2 March 1960
A2C Sibert Getting Ready to Rotate Stateside Mar 1961
a A2C Sibert getting ready to rotate to states Mar 1961
DC airport Moreland Sibert and Birdsong out of USAF4-4-61
A2C Sibert 2nd From Left in Paris Bar 31 Mar 61
3 31 61 Birdsong 2nd From Left Last Night in Paris
Jamboree Bar Paris Birdsong 31 Mar 61
Littre hotel Birdsong31 Mar 61
31 Mar61 Jamboree Bar Paris Birdsong
From Basel Switzerland in Paris 1961
Nelly Yaermann and Felix Basel Switzerland Aug 1987a-001
Letter from Nelly Yaermann Aug 1987
French Rail Pass
Paris France 31 Mar 61 A2C Sibert 2nd On Left With Hat
31 Mar 61 Littre hotel Birdsong
A2C Barry Archer out of USAF New Jersey Apr 1961
3 Apr 61 Birdsong and Archer McGuire AFB
A2C Birdsong and A2C Archer Trenton NJ April 1961
A2C Archer A2C Birdsong Rue Littre Paris 1 Apr 61
a A2C Archer A2C Sibert Trenton NJ Apr 1961
A2C Birdsong Hand On Hat 31 Mar 61 Paris France
Dreux AB Ops Fire Station Softball field is on Left 1960
Vickie Key 1966-3
Larry Lagrone
Passport 1987 Return Visit to Dreux AB
Lockheed L1011 My Ride ForThe 1987 France Visit-001
D Day Cinema Ticket at Arromanches Aug 1987
Thru Windshield Shot of Senonches Water Tower Aug 1987
Village of Pointguin on D155 Aug 1987
Wonderful Meal in Dreux France Aug 30 1987
Chateauneuf Swim Pool Platform Dive Aug 1987
Yellow Fire Plug near Steam Plant at Margarette 6 Aug 1987
Road Signs Near Old  Dreux AB 1987
Shot From My Dreux City Hotel Aug 1987
Sun Shines on old 12th TCS Barracks at Margarette 6 Aug 1987
Hanger Used By 12th TCS From 1955 to 1960 at Margarette 6
Village of Senonches cemetary 10 Ks from Dreux AB Aug 1987
Looking From Main Gate to High School Dorm Aug 1987
Maillebois WW I Dead Monument Aug 1987
Dreux AB C 119 Mural at Mess Hall across runway at 24 end Aug 1987
Dreux AB C119 south side of base mess hall wall mural Aug 1987
Dreux AB Entrance Road to Guard Shack Aug 1987
Small Building Near Margerette 6 Mess Hall Aug 1987
Dreux AB close up shot Mess Hall across runway at 24 end Aug 1987
Dreux AB farm road from D11 over to main gate base road Aug 1987
Dreux AB Main Gate Base Closed in 1967-1987
Dreux AB F104 jet south side mess hall wall mural Aug 1987
Dreux AB Frt Gate Exit Lane Closed Aug 1987
Dreux AB Gym Aug 1987 Note Concrete Blocks at Lower Right From Hole In Wall For Hay Storage.
Dreux AB Library Service Club Snack Bar Looking North to Base Chapel Aug 1987
Dreux AB Hanger 4 at Margarette 6 from Runway 24 end Aug 1987
Bigeonnette Has Tall WaterTower Aug 1987
Bigeonnette Village Near Chateauneuf France 1960
Burger King Paris France Aug 1987
Barracks at Margarette 6 12th TCS Aug 1987
Cafe De La Poste Near Post Office in Dreux Aug 1987
Chateauneuf Swim Pool Aug 1987 Where French Gals Were in 1960
Chateauneuf swim pool 10 Ks from Dreux AB Aug 1987
Change French Francs to Swiss Francs Sept 1987
Dreux AB Looking Toward Parachute Rigger Tower 1987
Dampierre near dreux base entrance 1987
Closet in old 12th TCS barracks at Margarette 6 Aug 1987
Chennevieres near Dreux AB old Julis Bar ahead on right Aug 1987
Downstairs Hallway in old 12th TCS Barracks at Margarette 6 Aug 1987
Dreux AB A2C  Siberts Bunk Spot Far Wall Near Door Aug 1987
Dreux AB A2C Siberts barracks east end looking to south Aug 1987
Dreux AB A2C Siberts Barracks Latrine Aug 1987
Dreux AB A2C Siberts barracks up stairs latrine stalls Aug 1987
Dreux AB A2C Siberts barracks upstairs hall shower 1st on Rt Aug 1987
Dreux AB A2C Sibert Upstairs Balcony Looking east toward NCO Club Aug 1987
Dreux AB Barracks electrical panel across runway at 24 end Aug 1987
2nd Floor Hallway A2C Sibert's Barracks No Radiator or Fire Bottle Aug 1987
Dreux AB A2C Siberts Barracks Day Room Aug 1987
Dreux AB Aug 1987 Sibert Heading for Dreux
Dreux AB Barracks photo across runway at 24 end Aug 1987
Barracks Used By 12th TCS in 1955 and Elementary School Sep 1960 at Margarette 6
aHanger Used By 12th TCS From 1955 to 1960 at Margarette 6
Dreux AB Base Ops and Fire Station From Main Hanger 1987
Dreux AB A2C Siberts Barracks Shower Room Aug 1987
Dreux AB Control Tower Aug 1987
Dreux AB Entrance 1987
Dreux AB East End of A2C Sibert Barracks Number Change Taken Aug 1987
A2C Sibert in Bigeonnette Rental Peugeo across from green gate house Aug 1987
Looking South To Chateauneuf in Bigeonnette Aug 1987
Maillebois France Coming from Chateauneuf Aug 1987
Watch and Clock Makers School in Dreux Aug 1987
That Looks Like the Dreux Air Base Motor Pool Aug 1987
Waste Water Treatment Plant Leaving Main Gate on Right Aug 1987
Road sign direction Pontgouin Aug 1987
Please Mr Custer I Dont Wanna Go 1987
Dreux AB Control Tower Entrance Aug 1987
Dreux AB Football Field South End Aug 1987
Dreux AB Gym Hay Storage Aug 1987
Dreux AB Frt Gate Sign Foundation Aug 1987
Dreux AB Hospital Entrance Aug 1987
Dreux AB hospital waiting room Aug 1987
12th TCS Barracks at Margarette 6 and Hanger 4 Aug 1987
Going North Thru Maillebois To Dreux AB Aug 1987
Main Base Guard Shack  Looking West to NCO Trailers 1987
French Peugeo Police Wagon Dreux City Aug 1987
Gate Keepers  Old Dreux AB 1987
Four Mail Boxes in Bigeonnette France Aug 1987
Dreux AB Main Mess Hall Aug 1987
Dreux AB High School Dorms Near Frt Gate Aug 1987
P E Docks Dreux AB 1987
Dreux AB Main Hanger West Side 1987
Dreux AB Margarette 6 and Hanger 4
Dreux AB Main Runway 24 End Aug 1987
Dreux AB Mess Hall Across runway at 24 end Aug 1987
Dreux AB South end of Library Service Club Snack Bar Building Aug 1987
Dreux AB Perimeter fence South of 24 runway end Aug 1987
Dreux AB south side mess hall at 24 end note number change Aug 1987
Dreux AB Mess Hall Mural wall across runway at 24 end Aug 1987
Dreux AB thru rental car windshield Aug 1987
Dreux AB Supply Bldg Next To A2C Siberts Barracks Aug 1987
Dreux Air Base Patch
Dreux AB Looking West to Main Hanger Aug 1987
Hotel L'Auberge Normande Dreux France I Stayed Aug 1987
Looking West in A2C Sibert Upstairs Barracks Bay Aug 1987
Hotel in Dreux I stayed at in Aug 1987
Hotel Dreux France my windows are open Aug 1987
Intrenational Driving Permit 1987
Photo Looking Eastward in A2C Sibert's Barracks Bay That's Raymond Aug 1987
House on Left Was a Grocery in 1960 Photo Aug 1987
Jan 1960 Hanger 1 Rear Windows of Alert Room Photo Aug 1987
Is That Hanger - 1 in Center of Photo Aug 1987
Going to Maillebois Hang a Right Aug 1987
Jamboree Bar on Rue Littre Paris France 1987
Main hanger south east side Dreux AB Aug 1987
Dreux AB Steam Heat Plant across runway at 24 end Aug 1987
Could This Be a Radar Site Just off the 24  Runway End Aug 1987
Dreux Air Base Runway Looking West to 06 End Aug 1987
Dreux AB the road D146  to Louvilliers Aug 1987
Elementary School 1987
Entering Main Gate Provost Building Ahead Aug 1987
Forest Trails Between Chateauneuf and Bigeonnette Aug 1987
Narrow Street in Dreux City Aug 1987
Moped Dealer address here 1960 Havas in 1987 Dreux France
Apartments in Dreux City Aug 1987
Dreux City Train Station Aug 1987
River Runs Thru Dreux City Aug 1987
Looks Like We're in Dreux France Aug 1987
LE FORUM Restaurant Across From the Laundromat in Dreux City Aug 1987
Laundromat Across From My Dreux City Hotel Aug 1987
Dreux France City Post Office Aug 1987
Auto Exhaust Shop in Dreux Aug 1987
Dreux City Street Corner August 1987
Former Cafe Junis bar in 1961 this photo taken Aug 1987
Raymond Boulguy Center Gate Keepers Each Side Aug 1987 Provost Building
Small Building After Entering Base Aug 1987
Raymond Boulguy at his  house Dampierre 1987
A2C Sibert's  Barracks West End Aug 1987
Are We Near Chateauneuf Aug 1987
Susies Old Bar 37 Rue De La Serpe Chateauneuf Aug 1987
Susies Former Bar Building Chateauneuf Aug 1987
Road crossing near Dreux AB D939 and D11Aug 1987
Shot of Dreux AB From Road D-11 Aug 1987
Shot Across Old Football Field to a Base Electrical Substation Aug 1987
sibert (1)
Road Signs Close to Dreux Air Base Aug 1987
Senonches Former American Housing With Water Tower Aug 1987
My Old Barracks Dreux AB Looking  Eastward 1987
No. 57 was La Petite Auberge Bar in 1960 photo from 1987
My bay windows Dreux AB 1987
Old Julis Bar  Chennevieres  Near Dreux AB 2010
North Side View of Bigeonnette Summer House Aug 1987
Open Gate Bar Renamed Mickeys in 1962 Photo Aug 1987
Old Julis Bar  in Chennevieres near Dreux AB Aug 1987
Outside Brezolles heading for Pontgouin and Dreux AB Aug 1987
Water Tower near Dreux Air Base Aug 1987
Are we going to Chateauneuf or Dreux there's a phone booth Aug 1987
Hanger at Margarette 2 for 10th TCS Behind it is Hanger for 11th TCS at Margarette 3 Aug 1987
xDreux Air Base Gym North Side and East End Note Goal supports from ceiling and east wall 1994
A2C Sibert on Return From Dreux AB Visit Sept 1987
My friend Raymon
chuck Sibert
Bar Where I Met the Folks From Basel Switzerland April 1961-001
Back of Bar Card Nelly Yaermann says send me the photos April 1961-001
C-119 CF  By Fairchild Aircraft Company
C-119 Boxcar Patch
Rear End of a C-119G Doesn't She Look Beautiful
C-119B 49-102 314 th TCS 1952
C-119C Instrument Panel 2007
Don Sherry Rosemary Trevor Evelyn  Chuck Lisa 5-11-14
1-Chuck and Sherry at Cracker Barrel
2-Chuck in Ernest Tubbs Bus
3-Chuck in front ofr Ernest Tubbs
Delta Airlines L-1011  Passenger Safety Information 1987
Lockeed L1011 Life Vest Instructions
Paris Hotel Bill cap
Hanger - 4 Looking West Dreux AB Aug 1987

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